No Interest Loans

No Interest Loans

WA NILS are here to keep you moving forward and are a real alternative to payday lenders and rental companies.

Low Interest Loans

Low Interest Loans

StepUP Loans are a low interest loan for people who have difficulty accessing credit from a bank.

AddsUP Savings Plan

AddsUP Savings Plan

We’ll show you how to save $500 and receive another $500 just for being a great saver

Affordable Insurance

Affordable Insurance

We can provide you with information to access affordable car and contents insurance only available to people on low incomes.

*Please note that StepUP Loans are for between $800 – $3000 and require a credit check. If you’re unsure if you have a poor credit history please contact Equifax (previously Veda) or Dun & Bradstreet by clicking the links below.

Equifax Credit Check                    Dun & Bradstreet Credit Check

Am I eligible to apply?

StepUP loans are for people who:

  • Hold a current:
  • Centrelink Healthcare Card or
  • Pension Card or
  • Receive Family Tax Benefit A;
  • Have lived at their current address for more than three months;

Note: If you live more than 2 hours away from a StepUP community provider, you may be able to access a telephone interview through a specialist site.

This and other eligibility criteria will be discussed by the microfinance worker upon enquiry. A credit check is required.

What if I have a poor credit history or some bad debts?

You may still qualify for a StepUP Loan, so please contact the microfinance worker at your nearest community provider to discuss your circumstances.

The amount of outstanding debt will need to be less than $500 and you will have to arrange to repay the outstanding debt. The microfinance worker will be able to help you identify any debt that may sit with an external credit checking agency.

What can I borrow money for?

✓ StepUp Loans can be used for:

  • essential household items such as whitegoods and furniture;
  • house maintenance and repairs;
  • medical and dental expenses;
  • second hand cars;
  • car repairs;
  • computers; and
  • vocational educational costs.

✗ StepUp Loans are NOT for:

  • consolidation of any debt;
  • second-hand furniture or second-hand household items;
  • fines;
  • Christmas expenses;
  • everyday household items, such as DVDs or clothes;
  • bills;
  • holidays; or
  • cash.

This loan list is not exhaustive. Loans are not limited to one item.

How much do you wish to borrow

What do you want to purchase

Please note that the Microfinance Worker will reply to your enquiry within 2 business days. Your enquiry does not constitute a loan application or approval.

If you need to speak directly with a Microfinance Worker, please call 9263 2192 or 9263 2170.