No Interest. No Fees. Forever 

The WA No Interest Loans Scheme (WA NILS) was created back in 1999 in response to the difficulties faced by low income households in obtaining affordable credit. 

In 2017, WA NILS merged with Anglicare WA

Our small, but life changing loans assist low income earners to purchase essential items and services, such as medical and dental. 

In October 2021, we launched the No Interest Loans for Vehicles service. This pilot service offers low income earners the opportunity to apply for a no interest no fee loan of $2,000 to $5,000 to purchase a vehicle for essential transport, such as a motor vehicle, motor bike or mobility scooter. 

Each year we assist some 1,200 West Australians access WA NILS. The success of our services relies on clients repaying their loans. 

When a borrower makes their fortnightly repayment to WA NILS, these funds are then available to be used for a loan for someone else in the community. This is known as circular community lending credit and is a real demonstration communities taking action to address loan needs. 

What to know more, please feel free to call us on 08 9263 2199. 

We wish to also thank and acknowledge our funders for their ongoing support and commitment to funding these services: Department of Communities, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand and National Australia Bank (Capital Support).